Samsung Case Study: Galaxy S22 Ultra

Introducing the most
business-friendly phone yet.
And how to use it.


Samsung was introducing their new phone to B2B audiences. It offered more capabilities than before, and among other introductory materials, we created a series of videos to quickly explain some of its most business-friendly features.


We created a sizzle video to highlight the Galaxy S22 Ultra within the context of a business day. We also shot companion explainer videos to go in-depth into some of the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s most compelling and useful features. At the same time, we coordinated a still photo shoot, to really maximize Samsung’s production dollars.

How Did It Turn Out?

Another successful phone, another successful phone launch. The Galaxy S22 Ultra turned out to be Samsung’s most successful B2B launch yet. Resellers especially appreciated the explainer videos, which educated them on new ways of how to sell the phones.


Sizzle videos, explainer videos, photography, brochure, spec sheet, emails, social media.
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