Howard’s Case Study: Branding

How we re-invented a Southern California icon.


When new management took control of Howard’s Appliances, Truth was retained to revitalize and reposition Southern California’s largest independent appliance retailer. Our goal was to reposition Howard’s from a dated TV value-focused retailer brand into a modern home appliance brand suitable for the company’s expansion into premium and luxury markets.


Howard Roach founded Howard’s Radio in San Gabriel, CA in 1946. As technology evolved, so did Howard’s. First becoming a TV retailer, then a Flat Screen TV super store, and now home appliances. One thing that hasn’t changed is Howard Roach’s commitment to the welfare of his customers. We asked him what his secret was, and the answer was simple: “I wanted to make people happy, and radios were how I could do it.”

We rebuilt the brand, from color and fonts through advertising, signage, store design and the website, all to communicate that one, fundamental truth: “Howard’s. We want you happy.”

How Did It Turn Out?

We helped Howard’s become one of the fastest-growing independent appliance retailers in the US by shifting consumer perception of the brand, from outdated TV store to modern appliance experts. Our work drove sales, led to their ability to carry more luxury brands, and helped fuel the growth that enabled them to launch nine Experience Centers.


Refresh brand identity, updated retail advertising, digital advertising, promotional advertising, vehicle signage, website content, social media, radio.
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