Quickblade Paddles Case Study: Product Launch

Carving out a new category in action sports.


Quickblade Paddles came to us when SUP was just an emerging category in action sports. Extremely advanced in design and materials, Quickblade paddles are among the lightest, most expensive and most technically advanced paddles on the market.


Created by Jimmy Terrell, a former four-time Olympian, Quickblade is authentic. It’s the real deal with a real story. Material such as carbon fiber is important, but it’s Jimmy’s passion and love for the sport that make Quickblade paddles the best in the world. So as good as the paddles are, we realized it’s the person that would set the brand apart.

How Did It Turn Out?

Quickblade Paddles drove the paddleboarding sport. Quickblade quickly became the preferred premium brand for the world’s best competitors, and set the bar for the market’s highest-caliber paddles.


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