OC Go Case Study: Social Media Animated Video

Saying no by killing them with kindness.


As part of Measure M, OCTA purchased thousands of acres of open space throughout Orange County. This protected land will be preserved from development in perpetuity. Not all of it is accessible to the public, though, and the public wanted to know why not.


To prevent people from trespassing on OCTA’s restricted-access preserves, we created a short, friendly video that explained why the land was closed. People felt that if the lands belonged to the public, they should be able to use them. But some preserves are closed to protect native plants and wildlife. We reasoned (correctly) that if the public understood the reason why it was closed, they would be more cooperative.

How Did It Turn Out?

Since the video is so engaging, people took the time to watch it. Once they did, they understood why they shouldn’t trespass. Complaints went down, while cooperation went up.


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