Baker’s Case Study: Drive-thru

How can a small regional burger chain compete with the giants in the fast-food industry? By being everything they are not.


Founded in San Bernardino California in 1952 by Neal T. Baker, Baker’s Drive-Thru was on the ground floor of the fast-food industry which began in this part of Southern California. Baker was personal friends with the McDonald brothers and Taco Bell founder Glen Bell, who went on to create giant multi-national franchise operations. Baker chose to remain small, family owned and totally committed to his community. When Truth came on board, Baker’s had drifted far from their original purpose and had fallen into the trap of deep discounting to stay in business.


It was time to remind people why they love this chain so much, and who better to tell it than the loyal customers at Baker’s? We produced a social driven video campaign, all shot on location with actual Baker’s customers. Nothing was staged or scripted, everything was honest and real, just like Baker’s itself. We rebranded Baker’s from top to bottom, inside and outside of the store and wrapped the whole thing up under a new tagline: Baker’s. Freshly Made, Just For You.

How Did It Turn Out?

By celebrating their best customers and highlighting aspects of the food their customers appreciate the most, Baker’s was able to get out of the vicious cycle of deep discounting and get back to marketing all the things that make Baker’s special.


Branding, on-line video campaign, menu management analysis and design, website, social media, in-store POP, package design, new product naming and launches, outdoor, and re-photographing their entire menu.
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