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Zodiac Aerospace Mobile App

A virtual product experience that sells.




Zodiac Aerospace supplies aerospace equipment and systems for commercial aircraft. The airline seat division requested a simple sales tool solution to clearly communicate the seat size, fabric, tray, headrest and interior configuration options to clients.


We designed a simple, elegant tablet app that allowed clients to easily navigate the numerous seat options as well as aircraft-specific interior configurations. The app featured 360˚ views and animation so clients could visualize the mechanics of folding trays and reclining seats. The app also included detailed product information, and was coded to easily accommodate future product offerings. We also made Zodiac’s better sales tool even better by adding a VR experience viewable on Google Cardboard. It presented a realistic experience from an aircraft interior fully outfitted with a client’s customized seating choices.


Our app has become a valuable sales tool. Giving clients the ability to visualize seat choices in an interactive manner, Zodiac Aerospace no longer has to mock up a fuselage and fly in clients to see it in person. This has saved Zodiac and its clients considerable time and money.



Services Provided

App Strategy, Design and Development

We stay close to our customers throughout the world by offering a comprehensive range of products and services to meet complex challenges in airspace.
—Zodiac Aerospace



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