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Samsung Monitor Microsite

We developed a Samsung monitor microsite that demonstrated product use in multiple verticals.




Backed by design innovation and billions invested in Research and Development, Samsung business monitors are a leading choice for professionals across multiple industries. With an extensive product lineup and wide range of features including 4K UHD resolution, curved screens, ultra-thin bezels and ergonomic stands, specifying the right monitor for the right business environment was challenging. Our assignment was to simplify the process.


We created an interactive sales tool that automates and simplifies the monitor-selection process. The experience was personalized with interactive CGI environments representing Samsung’s six key vertical markets. As potential buyers interacted with the environments, their unique business needs were highlighted, along with recommendations on specific Samsung business monitors.


B2B Marketing

Applied Skills

Information Architecture, UI/UX Design, CGI Rendering, Photography, Programing and Development

We aim to help people discover new possibilities through consumer- and business-oriented displays that perfectly match each and every usage scenario.
—Seok-Gi Kim, Senior Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung


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