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Samsung Education Solution Content

Adding a high level of strategic guidance to a vertical solution with multiple facets.




Samsung’s education solution is an ecosystem of Samsung products and partner software that facilitates and enriches the learning experience. Digital learning can be brought into the classroom to better engage students, allow greater one-to-one communication and enable detailed tracking of progress. On the administrative level, Samsung education technology introduces efficient solutions that increase performance, ease workload and stretch budgets.

The education solution project was funded by several different product budgets and involved many constituents. We were tasked with the challenge of representing the comprehensive education solution while featuring every Samsung product group prominently.


We added a high level of strategic guidance that unified a project with many parts. We met with each product manager and learned what they offered as part of the Samsung education solution, then constructed a narrative based on a global view of the complete Samsung offering. Our brochure visualized the benefits and full potential of a technology-driven classroom.


The insightful, balanced piece was well received by the numerous Samsung product managers involved. Our extensive approach to the education solution will inform Samsung's future vertical-specific focuses in the areas of Healthcare, Government, Hospitality, Retail and Finance.


Education B2B

Services Provided

Strategy, Sales Materials, Infographics, Icons, Photography

Technology and innovation are at the core of the ever-changing world of education. Academic success is our top priority, and incorporating technology into academics better prepares our students for the world outside school walls.
—Kriner Cash,Memphis City Schools


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