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Samsung 360

Samsung created a game-changing 360-degree VR camera. We launched it with a 360-degree campaign.




With their Galaxy Phones and Galaxy 360 virtual reality headset, Samsung is the leader in content consumption. But virtual reality suffers from a lack of content creation. Samsung’s solution was to innovate a groundbreaking camera that makes 360 3D VR accessible to creators of virtually all levels. Our assignment was to help launch the Samsung 360 Round, from strategic messaging through advertising and tactical demand generation.


360 video, 3D video and virtual reality are all emerging markets that most content creators know about, but don’t have first-hand experience with. Therefore, the biggest barrier for Samsung wasn’t communicating the product. It was making consumers believe that creating engaging content is not only possible, it’s also easy. The 360 Round is unique in that it integrates and simplifies many of the complex features and functions that typically require separate equipment and personnel. It’s very nearly a complete out-of-the-box solution that overcomes many of the barriers to entry for this field.


Launched in March 2018, the campaign has been very well received. The 360 Round story is generating buzz in the press and on social sites. Samsung is very pleased with early sales figures, and they are easily on pace to reach their annual sales goal.


670 Horsepower, Laguna Seca, Strap In, Hang On.

Core to the launch was an immersive VR experience that demonstrated the storytelling power of the 360 Round. The viewer experience was a thrilling ride in a race car at speed for a hot lap around the famed Laguna Seca race track.


Keep It Real.

Improved technology and richer data have made it possible for marketers to create a more accurate target persona, and create more defined and more relevant content marketing. But using big data is only half the story. For the 360 Round launch, we went one step better. We found a real person who was the incarnation of our refined target persona, then collaborated with him using our product and created content specifically for his like-minded audience. The result is 100% strategically accurate and authentically relevant content. We call it marketing-driven content and below is the example of the final persona we created.


Don't Tell, Show.

We also prduced a docu-style video that took the viewer behind the scenes as content creator/director Rick Graves and his crew demonstrated just how amazing, capable and easy to use the 360 Round is.

Keep It Real Content.jpg

Everything Matters.

We developed a rich and compelling story for the 360 Round, then distributed marketing-driven content across the entire range of channels – from advertising to multi-use content cards to collateral and events.

Content Cards.jpg


Branding and Demand Generation

Services Provided

Strategic Messaging, Persona Development, VR Video Experience, Behind the Scenes Video, Social Media Content, Digital Advertisments, Brochure and Sales Materials, Tribeca Film Festival Appearance

I knew this was a special product when I first held it. I expected it to be small and well built, but when I looked at the mounting point I realized Samsung really went beyond and thought about how guys like me will use the product.
—Rick Graves



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