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Dreamworks Dreamtable Interactive Experience

Technology is the bridge between dreams and reality.




DreamPlay is the world’s first DreamWorks-based interactive themepark where kids can engage with their favorite DreamWorks film characters. Hands-on learning experiences include kung fu training with Po, flying dragons with Hiccup and Toothless, and learning to cook with Shrek. We were engaged to strategize and create the concluding experience of the themepark, the Dreamtable.


Our digital division, Luck and Company, created an interactive table that offers individually tailored experiences to park visitors. The solution involved an RFID bracelet that a child visitor would wear throughout the day. When the child approached the Dreamtable, the RFID would deliver an interactive experience recapping the child’s highlights and achievements of the day, from dancing with Shrek to building and flying their own dragon of Berk. For birthday parties, Shrek, Donkey and Princess Fiona sing Happy Birthday as party guests sign a digital birthday card.


The first DreamPlay launched in Manila with great success and high levels of visitation to both the themepark and the interactive Dreamtable. Seventeen more DreamPlay themeparks are currently in development.


Entertainment, Theme Park

Services Provided

Concept Development, RFID Architecture, Hardware Fabrication, Third-Party Integration

We are continually working to build experiences that bring the stories of DreamWorks to life and with DreamPlay, we've introduced a fantastically fun and creative destination for the entire family.
—Paul Kurzawa, DreamWorks Animation's Head of Retail Development & Entertainment



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