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Bosch Dishwasher Launch

A campaign so successful, it was hard to keep up with demand.




Bosch wanted to become the number one dishwasher brand in their category. Driving this effort was a new dishwasher line featuring a flexibility-enhancing third-rack. Our challenge was to launch the new third-rack products without detracting from the brand’s iconic reputation as the quietest dishwasher brand in the U.S.


We created a single iconic image focusing on the uniqueness of the new third rack, and differentiated the brand and product via a unique point of view and visual setting of a stark white environment. Used in all communications and across all media, the signature image helped make Bosch flexibility as famous as Bosch quietness.


Our efforts fueled the most successful product launch in Bosch history. The Bosch factory in North Carolina was forced to ramp up production in order to meet the new demand. And Bosch achieved the number one position in the category 18 months ahead of schedule.

Selling the Sellers

The independent dealers who sell Bosch need to feel good about the brand. They did after viewing this documentary-style video outlining the 2016 Bosch dishwasher launch. With engaging sound bites from key personnel and cinematic product shots set to stirring music, the video reinforced belief in the brand, and the feeling that the best is yet to come.

Engaging videos drive sales

Highlighting the brand’s German engineering and purposeful European design, these 30-, 15- and 10-second videos educated consumers on how Bosch dishwashers are invented for life. Clear, concise and informational, the videos were used on the Bosch website, and in online advertising, sales presentations and more.



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We want to be the number-one brand in the category.


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