Another Retailer Dies as Amazon Grows

another retailer dies as amazon grows.jpg

So busy day, Sports Authority is done, Aeropostale is de-listed, bankrupt and probably facing liquidation. I guess that just proves consumers want to purchase online.

Except maybe it doesn't.

Amazon Prime Now just grew into its own web presence (and is up to 25 markets). That means Amazon is getting more brick as retailers are struggling to get more click. Everyone's models are changing.

Why? Because of Experience. What consumers clearly want are awesome experiences that provide value combined with massively efficient purchasing (which is a commodity and thus of little value). While retailers are focusing on the latter they ignore the former to their peril.

What would have happened if Sports Authority integrated sports bars and e-sports sections 5 years ago? How would they look today if they were the first retailer to sell college logo e-sports jerseys? What if they had Madden football face-offs? How would Aeropostale look if they had used their footprint to host super chic quinceañera or pre-prom events? I suspect they would both still be growing.

Be Bad Ass.