Golf is Old and Boring...So Why Are Gen x's and Millennials Flocking to it?

Golf is a way for old guys wearing purple pleated pants to run away from their wives. Or maybe its a way for cronies to exercise that crony capitalism we keep hearing about. Whatever it is, it certainly isn't a vibrant way for gen x's a millennial's to hang out and have a blast.

Or is it? (k, that was super dramatic reveal sounding)

Golf isn't dead, just the old way of playing is. Sure attendance at golf clubs is in a death spiral but the sport is actually pulling in droves of new players and growing with gen x's and millennial's. So, how can the sport be growing while attendance and purchasing of materials is shrinking?

These guys are one of the reasons. Top Golf has distilled all the stuff we love into a modern, relevant and repeatable experience. What's awesome about golf? Athleticism that a broad range of people can do, developing a skill (and showing your status by being great at it), drinking, watching sports in the club house and spending quality time with people (may you care for em, maybe you want to do some cronying). What's not awesome? Green fees, bag rentals, cart rentals, drive times, waiting for that annoying group ahead of you to finish on the green, dealing with that scratch golfer behind you waiting to play through...

Top Golf figured out how to only give us the good stuff.  Take a bowling alley concept, modernize it with great decor and amenities, and then mash it together with a driving range and sports bar. Just flipping awesome. And tailor made (or Taylor?) for the Experience Economy. 

It ticks all the boxes. Participation, memory, themeing, staging, personalization, sensation, mementos, status skills, myth of me...yep, all there. Oh and they integrate third party events, golf pro's and they are blowing up all over the place. We are even getting one in LA.

Be bad ass.