Experience Doesn't Mean Putting a Trade Show in Your Store

I get it, we are all programmed to understand and respond to edit out the familiar. It's a fundamental way of surviving sensory over load. So sure, if I say Experience Economy its totally understandable that the audience only hears "Experience Marketing". That used to mean booths, babes and bands. Today, it means that stuff plus AR, VR, and maybe large format display.

Ugh! :(

Experience Economy marketing does not mean Experiential Marketing (although it does encompass it). Experience Economy refers to the idea that consumers are looking to purchase experiences as discrete value measured by participation, sensation, and memory. Yes tech has a place to deliver that, but it is only every an augmentation, and never the star of the show.

This article is a great case in point. The author and his sources are "amazed" that VR isn't just totally shattering the retail model. Confronted with that, they go down a rabbit hole of mobile apps and tech integration and...bump (that was my head bouncing off my desk).

When consumers tell your market research firm that they want "experience" they don't mean they want to check out faster or use a phone to find a deal in a storethey are already standing in. Sometime I will tell you how much fun it was to try to get my Target web order with in-store pick up (hint, it ended badly).

Take the case of Ralph Lauren's connected dressing rooms. Yea, they are cool, but they are not experiences. Let's suppose the target audience audience are career focused millennials and younger gen x's. Let's further suppose they are coming to the flagship for a flagship experience. How about we provide them with one?

What if Ralph Lauren set up an amazing zillion dollar meeting space in their flagship store (or maybe the floor above)? How about allowing consumers (for a fee, remember you have to charge admission) to secure that space and get costumed in amazing Ralph Lauren clothing (up-charge for styling help, hair and cosmetics naturally) and then conduct that meeting (catered by the world famous in-house chef, for a fee of course)? You get to charge for the space, services and the clothing that goes into it? Wanna bet what the attachment rate on that would be? How about it's earned media foot print? Social engagement?...

Let's be bad ass.