Ugh...Wasted Greatness

I just flat don't get it. You have one of the most iconic brands, Sears. Its fallow, in fact it has been terribly undeserved for decades. Revenue, shockingly is down (gee you mean US consumers don't want to conflate Sears iron clad bass tools with cheap clothes?). So the solution? Let's cut the footprint and reduce expense...weak.

I have another idea. Invest in being awesome. Take the brand into new areas, launch the Sears phone for contractors and handy people everywhere (like the Marshall phone did for music pro's), go after the Dollar Shave club millennials with hipster focused bad ass tools, take a big pill of self-inflection and strike out with the brand in a new direction. Spend your resources building a new chapter of awesomeness. Sell more.

Retreat sucks. It just makes loss take longer and hurt more. 

Sears to close more stores.