Shocker! People Like Dealing With People

Almost every day I am asked to advise on "process improvement" and "service delivery". Which is code for "I don't know how to increase sales so let's find a way to squeeze more costs". As we all know, people cost the most. Thus, really I am being asked to make things smarter so they can fire people.

Decision makers point to "the internets" (the s is on purpose) and "those millennials" . Executives continually look to Amazon and others as evidence of a strong desire on the part of consumers to increase automation in shopping.

Guess what? That's wrong.

What is true is that consumers no longer value purchasing. The act of purchasing is, in and of itself, a commodity and thus is of ZERO interest to consumers. On the other hand, shopping is an experience and thus is of high interest to modern consumers.  Check this out.