Be an Authentic Bad Ass

As a strategist I am often asked to imagine what should be and combine that with what is to determine what to do. Most of the time, frankly, its a stupid exercise. It implies a need to be something "other" and a requirement to do "different".  I try, very hard, to emphasize a different point of view.

Human beings are fundamentally tribal (I won't bore you with the social anthropological justification for that statement, but trust me its true).  Tribes are led by the individuals most likely to advance the interest of the tribe.  In the ancient past, that's they guy who knows where the buffalo roam, today its the visionary executive that brings leadership and vision. 

Really, its just about being bad ass. If you manage a team, make them kick ass. If you lead a product make it the best it can be...for its own sake. If you lead...make the tribe believe.

I marvel that the thing that we want the most is also the thing that we want the most to be.

Plus, bad asses are cool.