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How a generic url was transformed into a multi-billion dollar brand.




When REDC Corporation acquired the url, Truth was engaged to position and rebrand the world’s largest auctioneer of real estate. Our goal was to reposition the brand as a modern, trusted online real estate platform with the power to change the way real estate is bought and sold.

Truth is a technology company that happens to sell real estate. Given the company’s proprietary auction platform delivering a seamless, secure user-friendly experience, enterprise- level analytics, and integrated marketing campaigns attracting millions of buyers and sellers a month, we positioned as the modern-day alternative to buying and selling real estate.


We helped make a brand synonymous with innovative real estate transactions. Our work met the client’s objective of wanting to change market perceptions. became the nation’s leading online real estate marketplace, and has sold more than $32 billion of property.

Reinventing Residential


Directly targeting home sellers, we positioned as another tool to help sell your home. Our home-seller kit and comprehensive advertising support effectively drove traffic to homes.


Real Estate

Services Provided

Positioning, Brand Development, Strategic Planning, Design, Website & Microsite Development, Video, Print, Online Advertising, Collateral, Social Media

We want to change the way people buy and sell real estate.
—Jeff Frieden, CEO




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